History demonstrates that The world has sadly often suffered from war and conflicts. Most of the effects of such discord have disappeared, but the traces of some wars still linger in the memories of millions. For those who forgot, the violations of the criminal Assad regime, the horrors were reawakened when he repeated the disgusting cruelty of the past by using chemical weapons against his own people. As the First World War was when the first horrible chemical attacks happened, Bashar al-Assad turned this cruelty into a symbol for the start of a new century.


Even though the horrors of the world wars have come to an end, the memory of their victims remains alive…
Bashar Al-Assad and his oppressive regime revive these agonies among the Syrian people.
Chemical weapons were first used in the First World War, yet Bashar al-Assad reused them against the revolutionary Syrian people at the beginning of the new century.

The Century Massacre Anniversary

On the tenth anniversary of the Century Massacre, the Ghouta chemical massacre, in remembrance of the victims, awakening of the survivors and the witnesses’ memory and the affirmation of the demand for accountability and prevention of impunity The Association of Victims of Chemical Weapons (AVCW), in collaboration with the Local Councils Union and the “we will be back” Campaign, invite you to take part in the event, which will be organized in the city of Azaz. Also, to Participate in all activities advocating for holding the murderers accountable and commemorating the memory. Stand as advocate for truth and seeker of justice wherever you are.

Who we are.

A group of victims, families of victims and survivors of the crimes against humanity committed by Bashar al-Assad’s regime using chemical weapons as crimes of genocide against unarmed civilians. After months of effort since our first meeting in October 2020, we have established this association and that included a large number of discussions and meetings until the idea and objectives of the association got their final form.