It was a genocide against the family, we lost 33 people from my small and large family in this massacre. 

While mine begins a few days later, when I woke up in the field hospital after the Ghouta chemical massacre, I didn’t realize anything around me except that I was very thirsty, the nurse gave me water, I drank and I lost consciousness again.

I Sometimes woke up and sometimes I fainted, I didn’t even realize how horrible is the tragedy because my symptoms of sarin gas made me mentally and physically unbalanced. 

 During the period of my re-consciousness while I was in the hospital for treatment, someone I knew came to the hospital looking for his daughter, so he asked me about her, I told him that I did not know anything about the family and he rushed without giving any answers to my questions about what had happened.

Later that man told my aunt where I was and she came to pick me up from the hospital to her house, I asked her to tell me what had happened.

She answered that we had been bombed with chemical weapons, I asked her about my mother and brothers, her answer was only that my brother was waiting for me in another room and he was also injured, I insist on my question about my family, here her daughter told me that only my sister Safa had been killed by sarin gas.

When I sit with my brother, I asked him about my mother, where she was… My brother cried at this moment and told me that no one left, everyone died by sarin gas.  

I didn’t realize then the fact that only my brother and I were alive and that literally everyone was dead. 

It was a genocide against the family, we lost 33 people from my small and large family in this massacre. 

The symptoms lasted about 15 days until recovery, and throughout that period I experienced hallucinations, incomprehensible speech, severe physical pain, especially in the head and eyes, and inability to walk.  

I also discovered later in that period that I lost my memory of that night and some of the events that preceded it, it seems that my mind did not comprehend the horror of what happened in it and was unable to bear its shock and decided to erase it to this day, perhaps what happened to me is a wisdom that Allah planned for me. 

I hope that Allah consider them among the martyrs, and may he redress our hearts for our lost.


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